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Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support,
all in the comfort of your own home. 

Young Couple Expecting
Young Couple Expecting

Before your baby arrives

Antenatal home visit £60*
(90 minutes)

Explore your feeding options before your baby arrives in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I offer an opportunity for you to discuss what’s right for you and your family.

I’ll help you gain a realistic idea of what feeding a new-born entails and share the knowledge you need to help feeding go smoothy and to cope with any challenges that arise.  

If this is your second or subsequent baby, this visit can be an opportunity to reflect on past experiences and consider what you would like to repeat and what you would like to do differently this time.  

An antenatal visit entitles you to 10% off any postnatal support 

*Home visit within a 10 mile radius of Godalming. Any additional mileage charged at 50p per mile

Once your baby arrives

Postnatal home visit £50* for the first hour, £40 for subsequent hours

I offer rapid support with any feeding problems, without you needing to leave your home. I can also help with any concerns that arise as your baby grows, such as stopping breastfeeding, or introducing a bottle.

I’ll help you explore your options and consider what’s right for you and your family at this time. Whatever feeding route you take I’ll support you in your decision making with practical suggestions, knowledge and emotional support.


My postnatal visits includes follow-up (phone/online) for up to two weeks to monitor progress and provide continued support.  

*Home visit within a 10 mile radius of Godalming. Any additional mileage charged at 50p per mile

Woman breastfeeding baby

Online support

£30 per hour

If you live further away or don’t need a home visit, I also offer support via video call. 

This can be used for support before and/or after your baby has been born.  

"I cannot thank Polly enough for her support...Polly made me feel instantly comfortable and provided helpful, non-judgmental guidance that really helped build my confidence"

Eleanor, mum of 2 week old baby

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