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Client Feedback 

I know that asking a stranger into your home to help with something as personal as feeding your baby can feel daunting. It's always nice to have a recommendation from someone else! The following testimonials are from parents I have supported. 

"Thank you so much for your help Polly! We were struggling to get our 2 week old baby to latch on, and we really appreciated the home visit. Your calm support helped us try several positions and with your guidance we eventually found that nipple shields worked. It's so helpful to know there is someone local who can support with feeding."

Sarah, April 2024

"Polly supported us with getting feeding off to a good start with our second daughter, after we experienced some hurdles with our first. Polly was extremely understanding, responsive and empathetic, helping us get prepared before our daughter arrived and through to getting feeding established successfully. In particular, Polly was very good at getting to know our family and making suggestions that were practical and would fit with our routine in a sustainable way rather than anything unrealistic that we wouldn't be able to maintain. I would highly recommend speaking to Polly if you are soon to start your feeding journey!"

Chloe, April 2024

"Polly was so calm and supportive when I asked her to help us with quite severe pain during my early breastfeeding journey. With Polly's guidance I was quickly able to achieve pain free feeding which was such a relief and our baby is doing so well!"

Ali, April 2024

"Polly was a great help to me and my baby! I would definitely recommend her!"

Katie, August 2023

"I cannot thank Polly enough for her support in helping me navigate the art of breastfeeding upon the arrival of my baby girl. Polly made me feel instantly comfortable and provided helpful, non-judgmental guidance that has really helped build my confidence with feeding to the point where I now feel I can comfortably breastfeed my daughter in public. I couldn't be more grateful for Polly's help!"

Eleanor, April 2023

"I contacted Polly to help with breastfeeding my 2 week old after a friend recommended her services. 

Polly got back to me so quickly and came to visit the next day. It was so helpful having someone to watch me breastfeed and be able to offer help and advice based on what they were seeing. My baby was asleep when she arrived - just bad timing - but Polly didn't make me feel rushed at all. 

I put the recommendations into practice and it really helped. I was just two small tweaks that were needed and really made a difference. 

Polly followed up with 2 calls to see how everything was going. It gave me a chance to ask further questions and also get some assistance with expressing. 

I'm so glad I contacted Polly and would recommend her to anyone needing a bit of help, it made all the difference and it's nice to know I can contact her again if we need more help in the future.

Thanks Polly!"

Rachel, April 2023

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